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Quite a few in-demand careers in the trucking industry involve the transportation of potentially hazardous materials and liquids. If you are willing to adhere to additional standards and laws while driving your truck, you may be a perfect fit for a tanker trucking job. If you are considering furthering your trucking career with a tanker trucking job, learn more about what it’s like to take on this type of position, then check out the open positions we’ve listed.

Tanker truck drivers are usually responsible for transporting liquids and gases. In many cases, tanker drivers transport petroleum or other types of fuel. In some states, you can start this career with a Class B driver’s license. However, many states require a Class A driver’s license, as you need your hazardous materials endorsement to become a tanker driver. If this is your eventual career goal, you may wish to earn your hazardous materials endorsement at the same time as earning your driver’s license.

Your day-to-day job duties may differ considerably from those of other truck drivers. The transportation of hazardous materials is highly regulated across the United States, and you must have a strong grasp of these restrictions to succeed in this career.

At the start of your day, you may visit various well sites that you have been assigned to. You then use a hose to access tank reservoirs at each site. Using the vacuum feature on your hose, you transport fluids or gases into your truck. From there, you may transport the gases and liquids to disposal sites or to another specified location.

Proper record-keeping is a very important part of this job. While loading your truck with hazardous materials, you must accurately read gauges to assess how much liquid you have collected. This information must be carefully noted for your company's records. In addition, you must be very careful to avoid leaks and ensure that your equipment is working properly. You may be expected to review hazardous material transportation laws on a regular basis, as a violation of these laws can be very expensive for your company. Keep in mind that this job may be more physical than other types of trucking jobs, as you often work alone to attach hoses to well sites and collect liquids.

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Tanker Trucking Outlook

Overall, the job outlook for truck drivers is strong in the United States. Not all truck drivers have their hazardous materials endorsement, so the job outlook may be better for those who are willing to go that extra step to work as a tanker truck driver. According to O*Net, job openings for tractor-trailer truck drivers are expected to increase by 11% through 2022. This includes tanker truck driving job openings.

Salaries in this field tend to be fairly close to salaries earned by tractor-trailer drivers. O*Net reports that the average salary for a tractor-trailer driver in the United States is $38,700 per year. Since this job requires additional endorsements and great amount of responsibility, you may earn a higher salary with experience.

Tanker trucking is a very important part of the truck driving industry in United States. If you are ready to find out where this career path can take you, take a look at tanker trucking job openings below.