Trucking Companies & Jobs That Provide Training

Trucking Companies & Jobs That Provide Training

It’s no secret that transportation companies across the United States need drivers. With the seemingly never-ending driver shortage, there are opportunities for all types of drivers, with a variety of qualifications and endorsements.

One benefit of moving into the trucking industry is the number of companies that offer training for prospective drivers. Trucking school can cost anywhere from $3,000-$7,000 for CDL training, which may or may not include preparation for endorsements you may need in your desired job. Even though this cost is low compared to many four-year education programs, it never hurts to get some help with the expenses.

In the sections below, we will try to clear up any questions you have about trucking companies that pay for CDL training. Our top priority is helping drivers find jobs and helping future drivers find the right truck driving training.

If you want to move forward and find out if companies in your area provide training, use our job listings to get started today!

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What will trucking companies require in exchange for training?

This ties into the age-old question: What’s the catch? Of course, if a company is going to pay for your training, they will want some assurances in return. Many companies will train drivers after they pass all the other requirements of the position possible without a CDL. Once you complete your training, you may be subject to working for that company for a certain period of time. Two years is a pretty standard requirement for companies that offer “free” training.

While having an obligation to drive for a company might give you pause, keep in mind that this can save you considerable expense, while giving you much-needed experience in the industry. Plus, having a company that is willing to hold your hand, so to speak, while you’re just starting out, can be a boost of confidence you need while you get used to driving.

Working in the trucking industry isn’t simple – no one ever said it was (and if they did, they don’t work in it). So if you have a chance to acquire company training, it’s definitely worth a look.

Are you ready to start talking to trucking companies that pay for CDL training?

If you want to move forward, but you’re unsure of how to take the next step, we are here to help. Read the following sections to learn what you can expect when you train with a local trucking company. Once you’re ready to learn more about training and job opportunities in your city or state, simply use our directory of schools and employers to compare your options.

Types of Trucking Companies that Train Drivers

This is a great question, because we love the answer: there are many types of trucking companies that love to hire and train their own drivers who are just starting out. When you get the guidance of a company instructor, it can benefit you and the company.

First, the company gets to basically interview you the entire time you train. They can grade you, help you turn your weaknesses into strengths, and gauge whether or not you’re going to be a good team player.

Conversely, you can make sure that you understand the things that are important to the company you’ll work for, and gain additional skills your job will require. Every trucking job is a little bit different. So training under the folks who will grade your job performance can gear you up for success when you hit the road!

Here are some common types of truck driving companies with schools that train drivers:

• OTR companies
• Fuel Transportation
• Oil and gas drivers
• Local & regional routes

Every state and region has its own major industries and employers that are relevant to the employment landscape.

Real truck driving jobs that train you for CDL

Dart is one company that offers drivers training, which includes a $6,000 tuition reimbursement. Once you start driving for them, which can happen after just 21 days of training, they state that you’ll be driving in the latest equipment using the latest technology. Dart provides a wide variety of transportation solutions for customers across the US. They offer their training programs to fleet drivers and OTR drivers.

Stevens Transport is another company that reimburses drivers for their training once they jump on board and start driving. When you start, you can apply for financing through them, so they can get you in the program. Stevens Transport will re-pay your loan for training as long as you continue driving for them for the duration of the loan.

Maverick Transportation is an example of a company that partners with a local trucking school to provide training and jobs upon completion. They prove that schools and companies often have close relationships and realize they need each other desperately to keep the industry moving and fill open driver positions. They even pay you $550 per week during school, and provide a paid orientation period.

What you’ll learn when you earn your CDL

No matter what type of CDL you need to earn, you will focus on a certain set of guidelines that will help you become familiar with your equipment, follow the proper protocols, and drive safely. Here is a nutshell of what you can expect when you start your company-sponsored CDL training:

You will either earn your Class A, B or C level license. Your CDL-A will let you drive any combination of vehicles over 26,001 pounds, B will let you drive a single vehicle over that weight, while the CDL-C will let you drive “small vehicles”.

Of course, free training is free training – but it’s best if you can earn your CDL-A if you want to have the most truck driving options.

The first step will be getting a CDL learners permit, which allows you to train with a CDL holder in the passenger seat next to you. It’s these types of processes that make company training a benefit if you don’t want to worry about anything but learning how to drive.

Topics covered in the skills and knowledge tests for CDL training include:

• Pre- and post-trip inspection
• Coupling and uncoupling
• Air brakes
• Shifting
• Driving at night
• Emergencies
• And other important topics

When you learn from trucking companies that train drivers, you can gain your skills on the kind of truck that you’ll actually be driving when you get your own truck. This can make new drivers more comfortable, since you’ll know exactly what to expect when it’s finally time for you to hit the road.

Endorsements and additional training

One possible benefit for pursuing company CDL training is that you can sometimes earn endorsements or receive additional training that can be useful throughout your long career in trucking.

• Animal Handling and Biometric Technology

Livestock companies will help you learn the rules for animal care and pass the appropriate examination requirements for biometric technology, which tracks the livestock you’re hauling.


This endorsement is required for most types of the more dangerous trucking jobs hauling hazardous materials. Employers who need drivers may be willing to help you receive your HAZMAT endorsement if you have a track record of safety, and already have your CDL.

• Tanker

If you want to perform certain trucking jobs, you may want to earn your tanker endorsement. This might be an additional benefit of training with a company that needs drivers who have this endorsement. Jobs that require the tanker endorsement include drivers who transport fuel, bulk food, chemicals and other liquids, types of oil field trucks, and other vehicles that have a tanker attached.

• Doubles and Triples

This endorsement will allow you to drive combinations of doubles and triples trailers, which are common in many types of trucking jobs.

What kind of salary can you expect if a company provides your truck driver training?

The great thing about companies that will provide training and reimburse you for it, is they usually offer the same kinds of benefits and competitive fuel hauler salary that other trucking companies offer.

We talk all the time about the driver shortage across the transportation industry. This is part of the reason why there are so many truck driving companies that train for jobs across the industry. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average heavy truck driver makes an average yearly pay of $40,260 (2015). However, if you look at listings across the country, you can find trucking jobs that pay in the $70,000-$80,000 per year range.

Again, that’s why you should talk to schools and companies in your area to learn more. This way, you can compare the expense of local trucking schools to the employment opportunities that also provide training.

Do you want to find out more about truck driving jobs that train in your area?

If so, let’s get you in contact with truck driving companies with schools in your area. Even if they do not have driver training, they may offer financial incentives or reimbursement for prospective drivers. You won’t know for sure until you take the first step! Use our listings to start searching for truck driving jobs that train you for CDL today!